Music Art journal

Music Art journal

Art journals i made inspired by music that means something to me… It can be the lyrics… music.. video.. or just because its used in one of my favo tv show/movies.

Art journals are made with all kind of Mixed Media Techniques…..

The Layouts are alphabetical but the letters can be used more than once….it just depends on how much songs i like with that letter…


Music Art journal

upper left Bevlogen als vogels by the 3js..LO inspired by the lyrics of the song…. background made with acrylic paint… clear sheet has the lyrics written in the form of a bird…

upper right: Angels by Robbie Williams LO inspired by the lyrics… Angels in the sky with watercolor crayons creating a kind of magical look. One of my ultime favorite songs…

bottom left: Apologize by One Republic LO inspired  on the quote used in QAF… No apologize…No excuses… No regrets.. LO is made with a picture from QAF in a collage.

bottom right: Alejandro by Lady GAGA LO inspired at the live performance of Alejandro… Made with peeling paint technique and pictures from the internet


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